Hi There! I’m Bridgette Genel

Bridgette Robinson, is a native of North West Baltimore City. She attended Towson University and graduated with a BS in Family Services and Community Development in 2008.

During this time, she began to serve the forgotten population of youth living in group home facilities. During her time working in residential facilities, she realized that therapy was her passion.

Bridgette completed a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2020.

Today Bridgette is currently working in the mental health field, mentoring youth, serving the less fortunate, and homeless population. Bridgette is passionate about serving women and girls who silently suffer with untreated trauma that negatively impacts their mental health. Bridgette endeavors to bridge the gap between spirituality and therapy through her services.

What I Do

I am an advocate for those who are voiceless. I provide psychotherapy to women and girls from all walks of life. I am trained to work with individuals, families, and groups to treat mental, behavioral and emotional problems and disorders.

Why I Do This

As an adolescent I experienced mental health challenges and did not receive the proper advocacy and support and for that reason I will educate and empower individuals so they can recognize their true identity and walk in their purpose.

What I Believe

My philosophy is bridging the gap between, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual adversities that we all face. That every person has the innate right to live healed, whole and fulfilled lives. That the mind, body and soul need to be in alignment so that the spirit inside of every person can fully operate and we as human beings live a full and productive life.

My Credentials

  • LCPC
  • Professional Membership of the American Counseling Association

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